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Size Genetics Review And How Penis Enlargement Devices Work To Enhance Penis Size!
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Penis size is a big problem. Many men recall being ridiculed and teased in the changing rooms at university about the size of their penis and those sorts of remarks can turn into a feeling of inadequacy and that paranoia sometimes still plagues a man well into his maturity. In spite of what people say that ‘size doesn’t matter’, we know this is not the case that indeed size does matter. For some, sexual relationships with women take a backseat because the man is a); scared of not being able to perform or fulfil his partner, and b); the woman recoiling at the sight of his tiny penis.
And more to the point; no man on earth would state he is happy and proud of his tiny penis. Although one’s own personal definition of tiny is different to the next person’s idea of small, some may state its out of vanity, but when it comes down to it if both men and women were totally truthful, a larger member is infinitely more sexually satisfying, more masculine and more pleasing to the eye.
There have been a range of different methods of penis enlargement even dating back to Medieval and Egyptian times e.g.) the very antiquated and crude method of hanging weights or rocks from the penis. This method was employed to improve their sexual stamina and while there was potential for new tissue expansion; the actual application itself was an enormously unsafe method of lengthening the penis.
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Although this method of enhancing the size of your manhood was believed to work; it quite often just caused severe injury. So as you can tell, penis enlargement is nothing new even in those ancient times- men wanted a larger penis. Credit must go to the many technological advances made since; penis enlargement has come a long, long way since then.
The next method of penis enlargement that was developed was the penis pump. Penis pumps are simple devices that were created in the 1970’s, it contains of a hollow tube for the penis and a handle to push out air from the tube which then makes a vacuum around the penis. It forces blood to run into the penis which results in an erection. A rubber ring that is placed around the base allows the penis to maintain its erectile state by trapping the blood that gets caught in the penis so you can perform without losing the erection.
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By creating the vacuum-like seal around the penis that pulls the blood to the surface, it enlarges the organ and makes it appear larger. However, the results from these penis pumps are not lasting and quite simply, actual penis enlargement is not doable. Penis pumps are more apt for erectile dysfunction problems due to the greater blood flow to the penis and the ability to have and preserve an erection is improved significantly.
Some (but not all) penis pumps are FDA approved and medically tested to work, enabling a man to perform better between the sheets. But in terms of enlarging the penis size, it will only look larger and these effects will are not permanent. Some men have reported injury and various side effects as a result of using penis pumps.
Penis traction is the most up to date and most successful procedure known worldwide and validated by medical doctors and researchers. It is preferable over risky penis enlargement surgery and useless so called best penis enlargement pills and penis enhancement patches. Additionally, erratic pumps for penis enhancement and enlargement. Penis traction (such as SizeGenetics Device System) is medically speaking, where carefully controlled pressure is put to use on a body part to help to heal after a surgical procedure, shock or injury.
It means stressing the tissues by stretching and then allowing the body to reconstruct itself naturally. The expansion opens up room between cells, sparks off a growth or healing response in the body. In the case of penis enlargement, a penis traction device is used. The traction device applies the stretching pressure by means of changeable, calibrated bars between an anatomically curved base that fits comfortably at the root of the penis and a surgical-grade band that slips over the glans (head).
As your organ lengthens, the traction can be adjusted. The penis enlargement device such as SizeGenetics Device can be worn discreetly under clothes for many hours a day or even during sleep. The carefully controlled stretching pressure that penis traction devices produce encourages the healing and growth response in the penis. This growth response adds thousands of new cells and in doing so; enlarges the penis in size and girth.
If you are seeking a fast way of enlarging your penis in a safe, controlled manner with full medical approval and one that is sure to work for you as advertised, you should plump for SizeGenetics device. Not only can you accomplish a gain of up to 3 inches with Size Genetics System, but also the most rock hard erections you have ever felt and your sexual libido will be sky high. Feel safe in the knowledge that women will be fulfilled over and over again and have the love life you’ve been aching for.
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