Virility Ex Penis Enlargement Supplements Review

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Most men believe that the only way to increase the length of the penis is through the use of a painful surgical procedure. Also known as phalloplasty, this surgical procedure involves the use of a type of girth which forcefully lengthens the size of the penis. What most men never heard of is that such products are ineffective. Studies show that the majority of men who underwent such an operation were not satisfied by the results because they noticed that the size of the penis was not what they expected. Such a surgical procedure also has various side effects such as the lack of sensation, painful sexual intercourse and the even deformation of the penis.
Unlike other surgical procedures, phalloplasty is irreversible and it is one of the most costly ways to increase the size of the penis. It does increase the size of the penis but only just a couple of inches. Rather than acquiring a surgery, it is better to try an alternative method such as Virility Ex penis enlargement.
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Another operation which involves penis enlargement involves the use of a penis pump or implanted pump in the corpora cavernosa or the tunnel like area of the penis. It is much more effective than phalloplasty yet the only problem is it is irreversible. In the case of other men, they do not have the money to apply for such medical procedures that is why they resort to other products instead. One is the penis pump. A penis pump is a cylinder like device which is used to lengthen the size of the penis. Through the use of pressure, some men believe that it would really increase the size of the penis. However, another study shows that such a method is ineffective.
There is also the use of cosmetics such as creams and other penis enlargement devices but such methods are not as effective as pills. Pills are not costly and they are safer than other procedures since men can just throw them away if they want to try out other methods. They are not addictive and they have the least side effects. Penis enlargement pills such as Virility Ex penis enlargement do not cause any scarring and deformation.
The penis enlargement pills are effective only if a person would be willing to take them everyday. The Virility Ex pills is designed to naturally increase blood flow in the penis which then causes an increase in muscle production. Since there is an increase in blood flow, the brain can then send some chemical messengers in order to increase the arousal of the penis. This in turn causes longer intervals of erection during sexual intercourse and penis length. Remember that it is better to buy Virility Ex penis enlargement products rather than spend money on useless procedures.
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